Discover the mission and vision of La Sierra International School, a U.S.-accredited school in Colombia committed to academic excellence, values, and the development of future leaders.

The Mission and Vision of La Sierra International School's outlines the school's fundamental principles and values. The school's mission is to provide a holistic education that enables students to achieve academic excellence while nurturing their physical, social, emotional, and ethical development. This is achieved through a student-centered approach that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. The school's vision is to create a community of learners who are engaged, compassionate, and globally aware, with the skills and values to make a positive impact on society.


LASIS aims to offer an integral, multilingual, and multicultural academic program that develops students’ potential to perform as members of a global society, preparing them for lifetime learning.

LASIS aims to develop model citizen leaders whose decisions reflect respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship, and environmental awareness.


LASIS aims to be an internationally accredited, high quality learning institution, recognized for shaping multilingual individuals who will be prepared to effectively navigate diverse and multicultural environments that demand high academic and excellent human competencies.

LASIS aims to develop a new generation of quality leaders, distinguished by their sense of values, ethics, environmental consciousness, and the courage to build a better world.