In secondary school, three fundamental elements comprise the education process: instruction, research and application.  Our qualified team of teachers plans, organizes, and coordinates instruction, while instilling curiosity in the students and guiding them in effective research. This leads our students towards independence, successfully applying that which they have learned to solve real life situations.

Teachers are guides, allowing student to take the lead, encouraging them to have ownership of, and be at the center of, their learning experience. Academia, culture and values are intertwined in this holistic process. These three pillars are fundamental in each of the processes that are developed daily at school.  Following the results of countless scientific studies in the areas of neuropsychology and pedagogy, the school provides students with the perfect environment conducive for optimal development, respecting students´ unique learning styles and pace, while stimulating and encouraging excellence.

The magic of learning takes place inside the classroom.  Learning activities are carried out primarily within school hours, thus allowing students to participate in various after school programs, following their interests and encouraging the holistic development of each student, be in arts or athletics.

Our curriculum development, integration of technology in all content areas and constant revision of contemporary pedagogical approaches guarantee quality education that will prepare students to meet current and future challenges, nationally as well as internationally. The purpose of our high standards and expectations in both academic as well as disciplinary realms is to develop the “líderes con corazón” (leaders with heart) that our society needs.