Our counselling service aims to provide support to our students in order for them to have a healthy development and flourish academically. The support team consists of three psychologists, with different specializations and perspectives who work together to promote the wellbeing of each of the students in the school’s three sections (preschool, primary and secondary).

Our main objective is to provide students, educators and families with tools that will help them achieve their goals.Parents are welcome to approach the service by contacting the school via email:


Move & Learn is an institutional program created with the purpose of supporting students with special needs, using strategies based on sports like football, taekwondo, athletics, and boxing. The program complements the academic performance of the students, promoting their motivation to learn and emotional well-being.

Knowing the benefits that movement has on brain development, a plan is designed and activities are presented through circuits which involve psychomotor skills like balance, coordination, attention, laterality, and the stimulation of various implicit motor functions. To maximise results, we include cognitive concepts in the program to favor higher processing in the students.